Why is Gangwon the top Winter Destination?

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Have you noticed Gangwon’s nickname in storefront yet? Right, Gangwon is called as Wonderland of Snow.

But why is Gangwon the top Winter destination? Here’s the explanation about the perfect nature condition to make Gangwon become the wonderland of snow. Let’s take a look😉

Gangwon is mountainous


More than 80% of the Gangwon land is mountainous. Taebaek mountain range that stretches across Korea peninsula runs cross Gangwon province and a number of mountains as Mountain Seorak, Mountain Odaesan and Mountain Taebaek are located in Gangwon. Taebaek mountain range has a nickname as “A backbone of Korea peninsula”.


Ulsanam in Mountain Seorak


Daekwanllyung – Samyang sheep ranch

Northwest Monsoon


So when the northwest monsoon bumps into the mountain range in Gangwon, the humid air wants to drop most of moisture inside since it is too heavy to carry when the air climbs the mountain slope. Then the water vapor turns out as snowfall in Winter season.

Taebaek mountain range stretching across Korea peninsula divides Gangwon province into East side and West side. Although East side of Gangwon and West side of Gangwon are in 1 same province but can have different weathers by this reason. So normally the weather forecaster in Gangwon tells the weather for East side and West side separately.


You can see we have sunny weather in West side but rainy weather in East side of Korea Peninsula. Sunny weather is expected in Chuncheon (West side of Gangwon) while rainy weather is expected in Gangneung (East side of Gangwon).



Plus Gangwon’s temperature remains as -0.6 during Winter season as December to February.

Quality of snow


Along this natural condition, we have snows up to maximum 49cm in Gangwon and quality of snow is very good. So we do not depend on the man-made snow but host many festivals with sufficient amount of nature snow.

How did you find the explanation about Gangwon’s nature condition? Along with these conditions, Gangwon is new rising destination for Winter destination and a number of skiers are coming over to Gangwon.

And we are having Pyeongchang Winter Olympic in 2018 in Gangwon as well..:) Pyeongchang, Gangneung and Jeongseon will be the major venue for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic.



Count Rogge (8th president of International Olympic Committee) is announcing Pyeongchang as 2018 Winter Olympic destination.

Next posting will be about ski resorts and ski festivals in Gangwon. We’ll talk about the ski resorts property by property and what kind of ski festivals are waiting for us to enrich our Winter memory in Gangwon.


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