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Do you like hanging out in pasar? Walking through pasar to see the lively vendors, jalan2 makan2 the snacks and shopping with cheap price are simple and easy refreshment in our daily life.

Here Gangwon would like to introduce the pasars in Gangwon- let’s take a look what concept each pasar is having, what is a must to eat and try!

Chuncheon Nangman Market


Nangman (浪漫(làngmàn)) means Romance in Korean and the name was originated with Chuncheon’s nickname as city of romance. Here we have old school coffee shop and noodle soup shop!

Jeongseon 5 day market


Jeongseon county having sorrow of Arirang, Korea traditional folk song has 5 day market as a landmark. It opens every 5 day as 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, 27th in a month. Gondre Bap (Rice with wild vegetable) and super chewy Kotdeungchigi (means the noodle hits your nose as it’s very chewy) noodle are must-try!

Bongpyong 5 day market

Bongpyong is a small town in Pyeongchang county. The amazing view with endless white buckwheat flower in September is recalling your memory with first love! Bongpyong 5 day market assigned the stall banner to all the stall owner so it’s called most systematic market in Korea. Pan-fired buns and buckwheat pancake are the must to try!

Daepohang Port

Daepohang is the big port in Sokcho city and nominated as one of the 100 beautiful fish town in Korea. There is a small alley named 튀김골목, meaning alley of fries that you can try assorted fries! Crispy tempura styled prawn is a must try, sedapnya!


Sokcho Jungang Market


1 more famous local market in Sokcho city- Sokcho Jungang market is super famous with fried chicken with spicy and sweet sauce. How nice? Don’t be surprised, even they have a delivery service to other regions as well!

Wait, are you a Discover Korea Your Way campaign participant? You can redeem 5,000 KRW local market voucher in Chuncheon to use in local market.


Enjoy your pasar trip in Gangwon, happy shopping!

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