Direct shuttle to Ski Resorts: Free-and-easy winter season

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How did you find Gangwon’s ski festivals? Do you feel like going again but worried about the hassle of travelling to the ski resort? Come find the EASIEST way – take a shuttle bus from a major spot in Seoul directly to the resort!


Here I would like to introduce 1 website as Package Korea ( They offer many services but you may click Ski Resort Shuttle button for your transportation.



Package Korea staff are handling booking process on behalf of you and emailing you the voucher for shuttle service for ski resorts below!


sit the website to find the shuttle schedule and price information.


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Don’t be surprised! Daemyung Vivaldi Park has a free shuttle services for those who make pre-reservations!



Daemyung Vivaldi Park (Shuttle Page)

Departing spots are Dongdaemun, Shinchon, Gwanghwamun and other major spots in Seoul. You can click the reservation button on the bottom and choose the date you want to travel in the next page to proceed booking!



No more contemplating whether it’s located too far to go skiing. As you know, when there is a will, there is a way. This time round, convenience is right at your doorstep for you to ski awesome slopes!


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